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Design of these unique ultimate biplanes, The Ultimate 10 and Ultimate 20 dash 300S series was way ahead of their time! 


These Revolutionary “Hiper-Bipe” , the best aerobatic competition biplane ever developed, were designed back in eighties by Gordon Price who had the DREAM and Ultimate Aircraft Corporation from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The Ultimate 20 dash 300S (two-seater) is the only one of this type in the World, available already three decades ago even though hardly anyone knew it!


The Black Ultimate 20-300S (N8UB, C/N 0001) was amateur built aircraft. Completed and manufactured for Mr. Chip Drapeau’s Eight Alpha Charlie Corporation from Westford, Massachusetts by Mr. Dennis Sawyer, a famous aerobatic airplane mechanic, who did all the assembly (the major assemblies of this plane were already Factory Built) and the first test flights were made by famous Rob Holland in January 2005.


Being a one-of-a-kind aerobatic “Muscle-Biplane” conceived 29 years ago, it’s still a truly outstanding performer without competition!